Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Quickly Becoming Hollywood’s Brightest Shining Star


By Lee Kiddell

We’ve all increasingly seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the past
few years; he’s everywhere! And unlike Nicolas Cage, it’s actually a good thing!
He doesn’t just appear in any-old rubbish – he’s one of those actors who seems to
mainly appear in great films. He is certainly one of my favourite actors, not just of
late, but in general because of the respect I have of him as a professional.

Obviously, no actor can dodge every bullet and there have been a few films that
haven’t quite been my cup of tea but it takes nothing away from a man who is an
exceptional talent. And I haven’t seen everything he’s ever been in but what I have
seen has made me a big fan.

The first time I witnessed Joe (hope he doesn’t mind being on first name terms…) on-
screen was in the brilliantly funny 3rd Rock from the Sun as Tommy, the elder of an
alien squad who was disguised in the body of the un-known brunette fourth Hanson
brother. His acting ability shone through from the get-go and his comedic talent
wasn’t out of place in a remarkably funny cast. And as the years have passed, I’ve
become ever more impressed with his work.

Other than 3rd Rock, I haven’t seen much of his TV work at all; I have seen his funny
episode of That 70’s Show where he plays Buddy, the gay lab partner, but haven’t
seen him hosting his two Saturday Night Live shows (one of the problems with living
in England…). But movies are where he belongs and truly thrives so long may it

There are many of his films that are on my favourite film list; 500 Days of Summer is
definitely, definitely on there (two ‘definitely’s appropriately needed). His character
Tom is by far the most personally relatable character I have ever seen and the
overall feel of the film is nothing short of perfect. His on-screen chemistry with co-
star Zooey Deschanel is outstanding and was crucial in making the film amazing. I
cannot speak more highly of it.

In the last two/three years especially, Joe has started to get the big breaks and
chances he deserves. When he was cast in the 2010 blockbuster Inception he
wasn’t unknown as such but maybe wasn’t the household name he has grown into
today. His portrayal of Arthur, a kind of dream engineer, was fantastic and fitted right
in with a stellar cast of stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Cillian
Murphy. This performance finally put in firmly in the public eye and he hasn’t moved

The next film released with him starring was 50/50; the story of Adam whose life is
turned upside-down when he discovers he has a very rare form of spinal cancer and
the main thing getting him through is his best friend played by Seth Rogen. Despite
the premise being quite serious and dark, humour is used throughout to soften the
characters and situation and make their on-screen friendship even stronger and

more believable. But this film isn’t all about “Ha ha, screw cancer by laughing at it!”
the moving side of the film is just as powerful as the comedy and I must admit when
Adam went in for surgery I was fully gripped by the emotion.

As 2012 rolled in, all film-fanatics eyes were on the upcoming release of The Dark
Knight Rises. Joe plays John Blake, a rather cliché rookie beat-cop who plays by the
rules and always does the right thing, helping him to rise to the position of detective
quickly. But despite the basic and usually predictable premise of the character,
he plays Blake very well adding a more emotion to a typically lifeless role. Whilst
the film is primarily fixed on Batman and Bane, the host of stars making up the
supporting cast are immense; the likes of Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Anne
Hathaway and Michael Caine and Joe wasn’t overshadowed by the calibre of his co-
stars at all.

But 2012 isn’t over for Gordon-Levitt; two more exciting films are in cinemas right
now starring the man himself – Premium Rush which is about a bike messenger
who is chased across New York City by a dirty cop for a package he has in transit
and Looper which is the story of an assassin who kills people sent back in time
from the future until one day his future-self is sent back to “close the loop”. I am
personally looking forward to seeing these in the cinema and, just as I would expect,
I have already heard great things about them both. Not released yet, Joe will also
be in Lincoln – a biographical war drama following the final four months of Abraham
Lincoln’s life which, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and directed by Steven Spielberg,
promises to be special film.

Above all, what makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt such a fantastic actor is the on-screen
chemistry he has with his co-stars and the rapport his audience are able to have with
him; he seems to be a humble, nice guy, a bloke you’d wanted to go drinking with
and be one of your closest mates. And because you’re able to get that from each
one of his performances, it makes him someone to revere on today’s Hollywood
actor scene.

Originally published by FirstViewpoint


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