Letter from the Editor 24 September 2011

By Laura MacPhee

Dear All,

I hope you are well and that you have had a good week. I know a number of you have had very busy weeks, which has made the site a little quieter, although we still had some excellent submissions. I was very pleased to see these and look forward to more contributions in the coming week.

I began the week by writing my first daily stories commissioning email, which gave me an interesting insight into the work Emma Brooks, our dedicated News Editor, does. One of Monday’s biggest news events was the intended eviction of travellers from Dale Farm. They obtained an injunction, and the battle will continue on Monday.

At the start of the week at least 26 protesters (including 4 children) were killed inYemenin the deadliest crackdown for months. Yesterday saw President Saleh’s surprise return to the country fromSaudi Arabiawhere he was recovering from an assassination attempt.

In other Middle Eastern news this week, there were extensive talks over the proposed Palestinian bid for recognition of statehood from the UN. The US President Barack Obama met with both the Israeli and the Palestinian Prime Ministers, and announced that he would veto any such bid, and would encourage more direct talks as the only way to promote peace.

For purely social reasons, my favourite news story this week involved the Greece bailout. On Wednesday the European Commission announced that efforts to resurrect the country’s economy had made “good progress”. As such, my friend Polly threw a “Greek bailout” party last night, to remind us all how wonderful Greek culture, and food, really is.

On Thursday, Troy Davis was executed in Georgia after being found guilty of fatally shooting policeman Mark McPhail in 1989. This was extremely controversial and a number of campaigns were set up to protest his punishment, with many pointing out that there was a reasonable doubt.

There was further controversy in the UN on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday the Brazilian premier called for reform of the UN to allow emerging economies to play a greater role in addressing the financial crisis. On Friday the Iranian President sparked a walkout after giving his opinion, as an engineer, that the Twin Towers could not have collapsed solely as a result of being hit by aircraft, but suggested that a planned explosion had taken place.

My chosen article of the week is also UN related – this excellent piece by James Le Grice identifies and explores the obstacles to Palestinian statehood.

This week we launched our latest features on the party conferences and the nature of party politics. I hope you are all enjoying the coverage of them thus far, and that you will contribute enthusiastically.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the week ahead.

Very best wishes,


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