Letter from the Editor: 17 September 2011

By Laura MacPhee

Dear All,

I hope you are well and have had a good week. If you’ve been lucky enough to get some September sun, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

First of all let me congratulate you all on your enthusiasm and hard work this week. I am really pleased to report that we have published a lot of high quality content. Long may it continue!

We launched our 9/11 features on Sunday, and these were a great success. Somehow, after 10 years of debating this issue, we still managed to find fresh slants and new ideas.

Much of the news this week was focused on the economy. The Vickers Report, which advocated the ring fencing of banks’ retail divisions, was published on Monday. The force of this was somewhat diluted by the simultaneous accusations made by Natalie Rowe. The former prostitute claimed that George Osborne had taken cocaine with her in the 1990s. Osborne denied the allegations, of course, but I’m sure we all enjoyed the ensuring “tarts and Vickers” jokes.

Tuesday was a day of disasters. One person died in an explosion at the Marcoule nuclear site in France. At least 75 were killed in a petrol pipeline explosion in Nairobi. The US Embassy was attacked in Kabul. This puts into perspective the anguish expressed as the boundary changes were announced for English constituencies.

On Wednesday the trade unions announced that they were planning a series of national strikes over public sector pensions; whilst the UN reported that Yemen risks sliding into civil war. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabo criticised the West for the way it has handled the economic crisis, as Luke Prescott discussed. This was reflected in the further deliberations over the eurozone which took place on Thursday.

The week progressed from fancy dress on Monday to high fashion on Friday. New York Fashion Week ended on Thursday to make way for Friday’s launch of London Fashion Week. This inspired my feature on the liberating power of fashion.

And once again, Party Conference season is upon us. The Liberal Democrat conference opened today. It will be interesting to see what comes out of that. If you are going, I hope you enjoy it.

All that remains to be done is for me to choose my article of the week. This week I was most impressed by Huw Silk’s article on Bob Turner’s Republican win.

Thanks again for all your wonderful contributions. I hope you will be as inspired next week.

Very best wishes,



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