Travels on the Dance Floor by Grevel Lindop

By Emma Brooks

Though reading is one of my favourite pastimes, another one of my passions is salsa dancing. I obviously couldn’t help but notice the book on my friend’s counter, the words “dance floor” poking out underneath a pile of newspapers, asking me to pick it up. So when he offered to lend it to me I was naturally excited, and after only a couple of pages the book had me hooked. Read more of this post


What a Carve Up! book review

By Emma Brooks

Always on the  hunt for a good new read, I was recently in the book shop and saw a whole shelf full of books by Jonathan Coe, including The House of Sleep. I had read the book several years ago already and really enjoyed it, but had almost completely forgotten about it and certainly didn’t remember the author’s name until now. Considering I had enjoyed The House of Sleep, I figured Jonathan Coe would be a safe bet for my next novel, and having asked the vendor’s advice, I walked off with What a Carve Up. Read more of this post

The Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson book review

By Emma Brooks

About the author:

Stieg Larsson is a very interesting person, as is his background and what led him to write the novels. He is a Swedish journalist and writer, and is best known for the Millenium trilogy. Larsson had long been a political activist and journalist, first working for the Communist Workers’ League as well as being editor of a  Swedish Trotskyist journal. Later on, he founded the Swedish Expo Foundation and became editor of its magazine Expo. In the meantime, he also did a lot of political research on the far right in Sweden, leading to his publishing a book in which he exposed the extreme right and racist organisations in Sweden. Read more of this post

Schengen: what next for the EU?

By Emma Brooks

For several weeks now France and Italy have been holding talks over re-instating border controls due to the large influx of immigrants arriving from North Africa after the Arab spring. They have relentlessly been pushing this item to the top of the agenda, amidst criticism within their own countries, with people fearing this shows a move one step closer to a more far-right agenda, particularly in France. Finally after intense lobbying, the EU is to unveil a new proposal on Wednesday 4th May. Read more of this post

Fukushima and Chernobyl: lessons learnt?

By Emma Brooks

On March 11, Japan was hit by an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.9, triggering a massive tsunami that hit most of the coast line closest to the epicentre. This precipitated the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant when one of the cooling reactors stopped working, provoking widespread worry over the stability of the nuclear reactors. Read more of this post

The Hare with Amber Eyes book review

By Emma Brooks

On my last trip to the UK, I couldn’t help but notice that this book was everywhere: in all the bookshop windows and in the bigger newsagents, as well as at the airport, tempting me with its intriguing title and interesting cover. So since I am always on the hunt for a new book to read, I decided to pick it up based simply on the tagline “Winner of the 2010 COSTA Biography Award” written on its front cover. Read more of this post