Britain in 2010: The People

It has been an undeniably eventful year; historic coalitions, troublesome volcanoes, and sobering world cups. But it would be superficial to consider the events of the past year without examining the personalities involved. With the noughties drawing to a close, it’s a useful time to celebrate and reflect on some of the people who made 2010. Read more of this post

Voters’ inconsistent behaviour threatens Lib Dem future

By Chris McCarthy

It has been a bruising seven months in office for the Liberal Democrats. Attacked for joining the Conservatives in a landmark Coalition Government, savaged for endorsing Chancellor Osborne’s austerity Budget, and vilified for supporting proposals to reform higher education funding, the consequences have been severe and the rewards sparse. That is the price of governing retort Lib Dem ministers and the party’s stalwart defenders, the inevitable cost that accompanies a transition from a party of protest to one of responsibility. Read more of this post

Oxbridge not responsible for ‘racial exclusion’

This week saw Susan Phillipsz triumph as the winner of the Turner Prize 2010. As the artistic cognoscenti descended on the Tate, David Lammy was unveiling his own “bleak portrait”. He paints a picture of “racial and social exclusion” in two of Britain’s foremost universities. The Labour MP has launched his criticism of Oxbridge primarily by pointing to the dearth of offers of places made to black students and students from poorer backgrounds. Read more of this post