Has Obama killed his presidency?

By Chris McCarthy

On Sunday March 21 the U.S. House of Representatives voted 219 to 212 in favour of the controversial healthcare reform bill. President Obama signed the bill into law yesterday morning, using twenty pens in the process, one for each letter of his name. Read more of this post


To Deter Acts of Pointlessness

By Chris McCarthy

Yesterday, at precisely 10:15am, I was stopped by a uniformed officer outside the Houses of Parliament under Section 44 of the Counter Terrorism Act. I can provide such specificity of timing because I was kindly issued with a receipt detailing the date, time, location and purpose of my stop; to deter acts of terrorism. After a brief call to some unidentified support-worker to ascertain my level of criminality, my pristine past rewarded me with Outcome Code 1: No Further Action. Read more of this post

Operation Moshtarak: Going Nowhere

By Chris McCarthy

In Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’, a revered treatise on military strategy written in the 6th century BC, there is a proverb which still resonates today: ‘If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss’. Read more of this post

Fair trade for a fairer world?

By Emma Brooks

From February 22 to March 7 it’s Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK. This movement (or concept) has existed since the 80s and the FAIRTRADE label was launched in 2002.  You now see a wide variety of products on the shelves supporting the label and most people you ask will be able to tell you what Fairtrade is. The debate arises when we ask how much trust we can put in the FAIRTRADE label when companies that are frequently highlighted for their bad behaviour apply it to their products. Read more of this post