Are unpaid interns being exploited?

By Emma Brooks

A recent article about unpaid interns working for MPs and whether or not they are being exploited, got me thinking about what extents people will go to, to get a job. The article interviews several people who have worked for MPs without receiving any wages (or insignificant wages) for a long time, and how this has affected them. Some of them are lucky enough to have the support of their family whilst they work for free, but others have to take on a second job in order to be able to get by. Read more of this post


Great Expectations?

By Emma Brooks

More and more people seem to be unhappy with Obama and his performance since he was invested last year. People are criticizing his choice of healthcare reforms, the loss of two governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia is seen as the start of his demise. The New York times is even calling him: “The president whose words once soared.” Read more of this post