Free press, the importance of being allowed to express oneself

By Emma Brooks

The latest Italian fiasco (unfortunately with Berlusconi there seem to be quite a lot of those going on) about the freedom of the Italian press, has reminded me exactly how important freedom of expression is in today’s societies. Of course, there are always ongoing debates about what is “politically correct” and what is not, about what should or shouldn’t be said/known/talked about, but with the expansion of the world of communications, it’s crucial that all people, and particularly the press, should be free to express themselves. Read more of this post


10:10 The UK’s latest good cause

By Emma Brooks

After Make Poverty History, we now have a new cause to rally to: 10:10 the UK’s latest climate change campaign. By joining the 10:10 campaign, you commit to cutting your carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. Why? Because climate change, global warming and the destruction of the environment are problems that are looming in the distance, threatening to become bigger and bigger as time goes on if we continue to ignore them. Read more of this post