9/11 eight years on…

By Emma Brooks

Eight years down the road from September 11th 2001, it is hard to imagine that all that time has gone by. I’m sure we all remember that day vividly, how we found out what had happened, and then spending quite a few hours in front of the TV. It was indeed a shocking moment for most of us, and particularly for the inhabitants of New York City. And I also think that for a lot of people across the world, in whatever different ways, September 11th 2001 marked a turning point. Read more of this post


Madmen or Genuises…

By Emma Brooks

This week Switzerland has been going through a political crisis due to Mouammar Kadhafi and his Swiss hostages. The question of how to get them back without losing credibility completely has been a difficult one, and has caused a lot of political strife within Switzerland. This incident got me thinking about political leaders or figures one might label as “mad”, and whether or not they actually are so. Read more of this post