Will Turkey ever join the EU?

By Emma Brooks

Turkey is desperately trying to become a member state of the EU, whilst other members (such as France and Germany) are desperately trying to prevent it from doing so. So what exactly is the big debate about? One could first point to the more obvious reason that Turkey still has a long way to go before it completes all the chapters of the accession program set out by the EU for candidate countries. Until it has done so, it will not be able to be considered fully for membership. And yet, Turkey has been a candidate to the EU for ten years now. It would be justifiable to ask what exactly is taking so long: are they simply stalling negotiations so as to delay Turkey’s accession to the EU? Or is Turkey genuinely not complying with the reforms requested and therefore stalling its own accession? Read more of this post


A taste of things to come…

By Emma Brooks

Reading the news and thinking about political topics, it strikes me how so much relies upon the younger generations, and how the future really is in our hands. Let me take two examples from current affairs that have brought me to this conclusion: the Arab-Israeli crisis, and the European elections. Both of these cases really need to make the most of the youth to promote their causes and help them to make progress. Read more of this post

Vive la France?

By Emma Brooks

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that in Brazil, Carrefour supermarkets were huge and very popular, and also all over the country. “But this is a French brand, my local supermarket….” I thought to myself, still a little confused on how my regular local brand of supermarket made it all the way out to Brazil. Then I remembered that Carrefour is actually a French super champion and is widely exported all over the world. And little by little, more and more signs kept cropping up reminding me that France actually is one of the world’s “superpowers” as it has been self-proclaiming for years. Read more of this post